FAA (Part 107) sUAS Certified & Fully Insured

Specializing in Aerial Photography, Videography & Data Collection



As the owner and operator of Drone Riv Media, LLC, Gabe Rivolta is a skilled Drone Photographer who is passionate about helping people and solving problems. Gabe began his venture into Aerial Photography when he bought his first camera drone in 2016 and became obsessed with the fundamental skillset it took to not only operate a drone but to capture a photograph from a different perspective.


Gabe is fully dedicated to providing his clients and community with professional, high quality aerial imagery and data while utilizing respectful and safe operations of a small unmanned aircraft system(sUAS), also known as a drone. 





Whether you want to see the overall progress of a site, see important variations of elevation or compare an existing site with the design file. Collecting & processing data to produce aerial photos, maps, and 3D models helps you get the job done at a fraction of the time & cost, while having a safer approach.

Real Estate

Aerial Photography & Videography allows you to showcase your listings at different angles to help market your listings. If you are a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Developer, 3D property models/maps can help obtain valuable information when selling or planning a new development.



Drones in Agriculture are helping farmers lower costs and increase harvest yields. Monitoring plant health and progress of existing crops on 100 acres in less an hour allows farmers to focus on what is important.


Saving time & money while keeping people out of harm's way. Almost every time insurance companies receive a claim from a home owner or property owner they are required to send out a person to capture photos of what is damaged. A lot of the time this includes climbing on roofs and most of the time the roof is damaged, making it unsafe and preventing the person to capture what is necessary. The use of a drone is safe and able to capture what is necessary.



Capturing unreachable angles of view for moments that last a lifetime. Available for weddings, concerts, boating, action sports & more.



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